Jacek Lipiński
Master of Artistic Craft
Jacek Lipiński was born 27 March 1953 in Żyrardów in central Poland, in a family with artistic traditions. Already when he was 9 he felt passion for creating articles from leather which later became a high level art. In 1990 the Minister of Culture and Arts honoured him with the title of “MASTER OF ARTISTIC CRAFT”. For his management achievements and contribution to the promotion of the Polish craft he obtained the price “ZŁOTY LAUR” presented to him by the Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski. A note about him and his work has been published in the latest edition of the Hübner's Encyclopaedia “Who is who”. Thanks to his artistic activity Jacek Lipiński won wide acknowledgement in Poland and abroad. His works have been noticed and appreciated at many exhibitions. At present Jacek Lipiński runs craftsman activity, mainly purse making. He performs hand-made objects out of different natural materials mainly leather. They can be found in many private collections all over the world.
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