Cordovan Leather
Forgotten art is revival in Jacek Lipinski art studio

CORDOVAN LEATHER - Cordovan leather is billy goat, sheep or calf skin, suitably tanned that has pressed and painted emblems. Decorative ornaments are pressed by hand made steel or wooden matrices. In the period of Renaissance gold and silver covered cordovan leathers were designed as everyday luxurious padding of walls, pieces of furniture and different usable objects. The name “Cordovan Leather” comes from Spanish city Cordova which in XIV century as the first European city became famous of production of cordovan leather. Cordovan leather reached their greatest popularity in XVI and XVII century to pass away with the developing industry and it's new aesthetics. Craftsman Jacek Lipinski brought a long forgotten art back to life and now uses it to make his own Cordovan leathers. Production of cordovan leathers is an honor and a secret of his workshop. Thanks to his technology very original pieces of art are carried out: bas-reliefs, wall compositions, paintings, frames of mirrors, coat of arms, crests, medallions and other. It takes about six months to produce the most single traditional cordovan leather of one square meter size.

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